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Christmas Light Bingo

This is a bingo card generator for playing Christmas Light Bingo!

The goal is to print one or more of these cards (they are completely randomly generated from specific word lists, never likely to be the same twice, who knows, it's just Math.random in javascript) and use when driving around in the car looking at Christmas Lights.

What's the point of Driving Around Looking At Christmas Lights?

It's a bit of a US tradition, so I'm not sure what this looks like around the world. Additionally, this list is tailored at American habits overall. I'm happy to accept PRs for multiple locales. (This list is even mostly focused on the Southern US.)

If you've never done this in the holiday season with your loved ones, now is the perfect time to start! During the month of December, put everyone in the car, and drive around neighborhoods and look for yards with lots of Christmas lights in them!

Often you can come across wood cutouts, inflatable installations, or wire structures with lights on them. Some of the items on this list may be regionally or temporally specific.